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Syllabus of Space Coast Chapter Training Sessions

These sessions may be ordered at any time from your chapter by your Investment Club or for a group of individuals who desire the training. Classes may be given live at a convient venue or from the comfort of your own home at your computer via our Citrix GoToMeeting subscription. To discuss your session desires contact any Space Coast Chapter Director.

Recommended for Beginner level training

Basic Introduction to Investing Using the Stock Selection Guide {101}
Abstract: For those new to investing and the Better Investing methodology. A Description of the types of investments available, i.e. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, etc. will be discussed, along with an overview of standard financial terms such as Balance Sheets, Income Statements or Operating Statements, EPS, P/E ratios, Relative Value, etc The BetterInvesting Stock Selection Guide will be introduced as an effective tool for determining potential investment in individual companies.
Description: Investing can be intimidating unless one understands the terminology and advantages/disadvantages of various investment instruments. This class will attempt to dispel some of the myths about investing, and focus on the key elements of research necessary to uncover potentially rewarding investments. The class will show that successful investment in individual companies is easy provided that the fundamental disciplines as outlined in the Better Investing Stock Selection Guide process are followed. Emphasis will be placed on determining what makes a quality company and how to determine whether a company’s stock is priced appropriately for investment.
Take Stock Software (the Program) {102}
Abstract: Designed for beginning investors.  If you can tell the difference between a straight line and a crooked one, then Take Stock™ can teach you the principles of investing in a matter of minutes.  The software can also give you an immediate evaluation on a stock.
Description: TakeStock offers the means for a quick start into the BetterInvesting Stock Selection Process.  For those who do not wish to delve deeper into the mathematics involved with the Investor's Toolkit software, TakeStock offers you a safe convenient alternative. The class will cover both the lite version included with StockCentral membership and the full-up desktop version. The full version offers the ability to maintain a library of your stocks of interest.
Basic Concepts of Personal Finance & Understanding the Data on the Stock Selection Guide {104}
Abstract: This course will review the many areas of investment opportunities afforded the individual investor. What is a Stock Selection guide and how will it help me? This class is designed to answer those questions.
Description: The course covers several investing options and introduces the advantages of evaluating stocks using the BetterInvesting Toolkit Program. What do the numbers on the SSG mean and where did they come from?

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All About Investment Clubs {106}
Abstract: What is an Investment Club? How do we get started? What are the essentials for starting a Club and maintaining your Club? Quick Answers about Investment Club Software and Tools
Description: An Investment Club is a great way to learn about investing. Studying and learning with friends in a disciplined atmosphere makes you work at it – makes it more fun. For information about starting an Investment Club go to:
Fundamentals of Investing & An Introduction to the Stock Selection Guide - a multipart part series for the beginner {110}
Abstract: For those very new to investing and the BetterInvesting Methodologies. The fundamental concepts of investing will be discussed, then used in working a stock through the Stock Selection guide.
Description: Investing successfully is achievable, especially if the basic building blocks are in place.  The proven techniques of the BetterInvesting philosophy are fulfilled with a thorough understanding and ability to properly use the Stock Selection Guide.
When to Sell Made Easy {112}
Abstract: You have to know when to hold 'em and when to fold em’ along with the three reasons to sell a stock. This session will provide information that will be useful in making the difficult decision of what to sell, when and why.
Description: You will learn several signals that strongly suggest selling and several that suggest selling should be considered, perhaps in the near future. You will learn the data analysis necessary to support the decision to sell. Several reasons NOT to sell will be discussed as well as the philosophy of selling. The psychological blocks that make selling so difficult will be presented. Selling check lists useful to both the individual investor and the investment club will be provided.
Portfolio Management Made Easy {114}
Abstract: Portfolio management is the proactive process in the management of stocks that are in your portfolio.
Description: The stocks in our portfolio were acquired because of the Quality of the company in the fact that at the time we purchased it the stock was at the Right Price. Together we will learn the Defensive Strategy of checking the ongoing quality of the company and the Offensive Strategy of determining whether the potential return remain satisfactory and if the risk required to obtain them is still reasonable.
The BetterInvesting Online Stock Selection Guide {121}
Abstract: BetterInvesting's Stock Selection Guide offers a comprehensive, easy-to-follow methodology for selecting quality growth stocks.
Description: Powered by Morningstar data on over 7,000 stocks to let you find the Quality stock at the Right Price for your long-term investments. This online tool is accessible from any computer with internet connection. The data files for your stocks are stored on the cloud (BetterInvesting’s server in Madison Heights).
The BetterInvesting Online Stock Comparison Guide {123}
Abstract: BetterInvesting's Stock Comparison Guide the same ability to compare up to 5 equities as the familiar desktop software.
Description: This online tool has a modern look and feel. There is a tight link between the individual Stock Studies and the comparison tool along with frequent plot icon allowing instant graphical comparisons. As with the SSG tool the files for your stock comparison are stored on the cloud (BetterInvesting’s server in Madison Heights) giving you the ability to recall an earlier Stock Comparison Guide.
A Stock Study (Stock Selection Guide) by HAND {199}
Abstract: The Stock Selection Guide (SSG) will be completed by hand for a selected company. This session was requested by the wise leadership of an Ocala Investment Club who recognized the need to teach its members the very basics of the process. Now and forever they will know what the terms mean and where the numbers come from.
Description: Together we will study a company using data from a printed Value Line Stock Report. Specific data items will be plotted while other numbers will be used in calculations that will be entered onto the SSG sheet. Should we determine that we have a company of Quality we will continue on to see if the Price is right to Buy or place it on a Watch list. If you have used nothing but computer software for your SSGs, this session will fill in many blanks in your understanding of this process; this session is for you!

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Recommended for Intermediate level training

A Demonstration of the Toolkit software {201}
Abstract: This session is for those basically familiar with investing but new to the software available to aid the stock selection process. 
Description: The instructor will teach you how to input data from StockCentral, Value Line, or the BetterInvesting S&P Stock Data Service into the Stock Selection Guide within the Toolkit software. We will together work through demonstrations of the Stock Comparison Guide, Portfolio Management, its tables and graphs, as well as the Challenge process to replace a holding with another company of greater potential.
All About Stock Screening {202}
Abstract: Practical application of stock screening from Value Line Investment Survey, Stock Prospector, Value Line Investment Analyzer, StockCentral, ManifestInvesting with judgment items applicable to screening.
Description: A comparison of the results and reasons for differences. We will rate the capabilities and cost benefit of each. Which screens offer the ability to define your own criteria?
Beyond the Basics – Adding Judgment to the Stock Selection Guide {203}
Abstract: The advanced stock selection process for those who have already learned the basics of stock selection.
Description: Going beyond the basics of stock selection to add judgment to the Stock Selection process. Shows why all but beginners should use advanced procedures in such areas as projected average return, price-to-earnings/growth ratios, reward to risk ratios, implied growth calculations, measuring earnings consistency, cash flows, and using the judgment audit features of Investors Toolkit.

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Value Line Dissected {204}
Abstract: This session will cover all sections of a Value Line Report on a company.  Together we will learn how to use data beyond that required by the BetterInvesting Stock Selection Guide.
Description: Insider Ownership/Decisions and Institutional Holdings/Decisions are more than just numbers.  Value Line’s projections are significant with respect to your estimates.  We will discover the meaning of shareholder Equity, Return on Shareholder Equity, Operating MArgin, and the most important, CAsh Flow. There is much more to the Summary & Index than just the page number for the stock. You will see hoe you can use Value Line Online at your library for Stock Reports, Stock Screening, How to save your criteria, and take home softcopies of your findings.
Portfolio Management and PERT – Portfolio Evaluation and Review {206}
Abstract: This session is for those with exposure to the Stock Selection process.  The class will show you how to manage your individual stocks and your portfolio as a whole – percent gains and loses of earnings per share, sales and pre-tax profit.
Description: You can’t just buy stocks and hold them – you must follow each of them.  Selecting a quality company at the right price is only the beginning of your studies.  Each stock you own is a part of your portfolio and that portfolio needs to be managed as a whole. Portfolio Management will help you determine which stocks are performing well, which are "OK" and which should be replaced.
Focus on the Stock Selection Process with Toolkit {210}
Abstract: This special session will address the completion of the Stock Selection Guide using BetterInvesting’s premier analysis software, Toolkit. Together we will complete the studies of several companies including those pre-selected by the attendees, recent Stock to Study selections, and the Ideal Company (a figment of the instructors imagination).
Description: For all companies under study judgment input will be solicited from the attendees.  All aspects of the Stock Selection Guide will be covered as well as pre-study quick checks and recommendations for after study Due Diligence items.  The useful Undocumented Features of Investor's Toolkit have mostly been incorporated into Toolkit 6. We will also address data source selection, a quick look at the structure of the SSG file, data outlier considerations, along with optional and mandatory judgment items.

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Red Flags {211}
Abstract: To alert you to items within the Stock Study that may indicate Caution or the need to search deeper for underlying reasons.
Description: This Due Diligence item is for Beginners to Advanced. It will address Total Interest Coverage, Sustainable Growth Rate, Weighted PE Ratio, Relative Value, Selecting an Estimated Low Price, Dilution, and The Final Analysis
Small-Sized or Small-Cap Companies {305}
Abstract: Most portfolios lack a sufficient number of small-sized (or small-cap) stocks to provide for proper diversification.  This session will show you how to screen for small-sized stocks.
Description: Together we will use several tools to screen for quality small-sized companies.  Screens will include the Value Line Investment Survey that you can use for free at your own public library, the Value Line Investment Analyzer in depth tool featuring user defined criteria, and the STOCKcentral screener with direct access to TakeStock and SSG data file for use with Investor's Toolkit.

Recommended for those with a good understanding of the Stock Study Basics

When to Sell {402}
Abstract: You have to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. This session will provide information that will be useful in making the difficult decision of what to sell, when and why.
Description: You will learn several signals that strongly suggest selling and several that suggest selling should be considered, perhaps in the near future. You will learn that data analysis necessary to support the decision to sell. Several reasons NOT to sell will be discussed as well as the philosophy of selling. The psychological blocks that make selling so difficult will be presented.
Adding Judgment with Due Diligence to the Stock Selection Process {406}
Abstract: This session is for those experienced with the Stock Selection process and familiar with Investor's Toolkit who would like to sharpen their judgment skills.
Description: Together we will work quickly through two stocks then return to perform our Due Diligence with the judgment using additional data from several sources. From the Visual Analysis presentation alone, you will discover methods for evaluating the quality of the company.

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A Potpourri of Due Diligence Items {510}
Abstract: Together we will look to the S&P Core Earnings, Desired Growth, Ratio Analyzer, plotting significant data, using industry averages, and a few other techniques to enhance our decision process.
Description: This is an exercise in garnering the best information available from Value Line, Standard & Poor, Morningstar, ManifestInvesting, StockCentral, and BetterInvesting with a sprinkle of sage observations from Ellis Traub’s Take Stock.
Decoding the IRA {701}
Abstract: IRAs need decoding as they come in all sizes and shapes.  Each has its own rules and regulations which, of course, continually change.  Many people are enrolled in an IRA with little knowledge of the plan and don’t even know what they don’t know. 
Description: Addressed will be the history of IRAs, their purpose, and definitions. The presentation will help with the general understanding of IRAs, types of IRAs, investments in IRA, problem areas of IRAs, and possible changes to IRAs. Explained will be the use of stocks, bonds, CDs and annuities in IRAs.  Also considered will be the advantages and disadvantages of the types and how pensions relate to IRAs. 
Club Accounting - Year-end Closing & Taxes {910}
Abstract: A Review of Desktop and Online Club Accounting, year-end closing, and taxes.
Description: Get ready for your club's annual audit with a full review of the year's financial records. Catch any errors now.  The audit should be done before taxes are filed. Then you are off to a clean start for the new year.  Club Accounting options for cost saving will be discussed.

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