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Webinar presentation to all BetterInvesting members 20 October 2009 {Duration: 01:03:10; Size: 58.3MB}
NAIC/Better Investing and Folio Investing Collaborate
Check this out on the BetterInvesting member webpage. In the meantime read more from Ellis Traub below.
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How to Start and Run an Investment Club
Learn how to start and run a successful investment club from Doug Gerlach, America's Investment Club Expert. Doug, the author of five books (including Investment Clubs for Dummies), has helped tens of thousands of clubs and their members to become smarter investors using sound, long-term stock investing strategies and common-sense guidelines for club operations. The "Club Hub" is a complete library of articles on starting and running an investment club written by Doug and his fellow club experts.
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BetterInvesting helps thousands of investment clubs manage their affairs. Investment Clubs are a great way to learn about investing and share portfolio ideas in a friendly, pressure-free atmosphere. Clubs create the ideal support system for long term investing success.
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The arcane business of calculating your investments' cost basis is about to get a little easier, provided you have a full understanding of the choices you're about to make. Author: Christine Benz

NAIC/Better Investing and Folio Investing Collaborate


Two of my favorite organizations have just jointly announce a wonderful program to offer investment clubs an opportunity to move up to the next level of convenience and efficiency in executing their trades, and to do so without paying any commissions. For clubs, which frequently trade in small, odd lots, this can substantially cut down the cost of each transaction and increase the return on their shares. And there are other benefits as well.

FolioFN, recently renamed ďFolio Investing,Ē is a folio brokerage, which means that they have the technical capability to not only execute trades conventionally on the various exchanges, they also can execute window trades, an exciting new means of permitting their clients the benefit of inexpensively trading on a dollar basis rather than a per-share basis.

This means that a club with, say, $500 to invest, can, for example, decide to put $250 into a new stock, add another $50 to the position it bought the previous month, and then spread the remaining $200 evenly over all the other stocks in their portfolio. Itís a great convenience, not to have to be concerned with deciding how many shares to buy in order to stay under $500, and then having to park the remaining cash in the account until they can use it the next month.

Window trading is a unique system by which, twice a day, Folio Investing will fill all its orders to buy and sell internally if possible, then lump all of the orders for each stock together and go to the market and buy and sell each in a single transaction. When those trades are executed, they will then distribute the shares amongst their clients according to their original orders. The commissions saved are considerable, and they pass those savings on to their clients.

Iíve been a FolioFN client for many years and have nothing but good things to say about their service. In fact, Iíve spoken of this organization before in this venue. This is a special opportunity for clubs; and it uniquely matches their investment needs.

Ellis Traub, 30 September 2009