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The local volunteers who make up the BetterInvesting Space Coast Chapter are dedicated to the education of the long-term investor. Should you need help, have a suggestion, or you yourself would like to join this hard working team, just contact any of the folks listed below. They will either help you or make your need known to someone who will be able to help.

Phil Crocker
Director, Sector: Gulf Coast
Email: Phil Crocker
Joan Fosdick*
Vice President {Administration}, BI Webauthspacecoast2 Author, Backup Secretary, Sector: Brevard;
Bob Houle*
Vice President {Membership} & Chief of Staff, Sector: Brevard, GoToGuy for SSGPlus
Email: Bob Houle
Bruce Layman
Director, Sector: Orlando
Email: Bruce Layman
Ken Peters*
President, Webmaster, Instructor , Sector: Brevard
Email: Ken Peters
Mickey Riemondy
Director, Sector: Brevard
Laura Scott*
Vice President {Communications}, Sector: Brevard
Email: Laura Scott
Howard Tetrault*
Treasurer, Equipment Manager, Sector: Brevard
Richard Vogel
Director Emeritus, Sector: Orlando/Sanford

* - denotes Chapter Officer

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