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Annual Report Analysis
  • How to acquire and use this major Due Diligence resource
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on Bonds
  • Ellis Traub
  • From BetterInvesting's Investing Discussion List digest [] dated 3 October 2009
Special Font Colors in Word
  • BetterInvesting Blue & Green
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Calculating Compound Annual Return
  • Using the Visual Analysis Graph from your SSG
Change Detection Notification
  • how to setup email notification when a website is changed or updated.  Use it for
Space Coast-Chat
  • Chapter Mailing List, Multi-Way Email Communications
Computer/MS Word & Special Symbols
  • These also work in Power Point & Excel
Computer Tips from CGAB
  • a collection of monthly tips
Club Accounting Topics
  • important lessons from Gene Rooks
Club Accounting Withdrawls
  • Gene Rooks piece in BITS, May 2006
Financial Calculator
  • a fine addition to all versions of Toolkit
Financial Calculator
  • There is a quick and easy free one with every Stock Selection Guide (SSG) sheet for those satisfied with “slide rule” accuracy
Let Google Do the Math
  • a quick and valuable feature of the ubiquitous Google
S&P Core Earnings
  • a metric attempt to counteract creative accounting. A means to plot against earnings as reported by the company.
Selection of Alternative Data
  • your choices
Criteria Weighting
  • what is important to your judgment
Toolkit Challenger
  • to find a potentially better performer
Taming Windows
  • That are too large for your screen
Chapter Directors Contacts
  • list with email addresses
Club Accounting
  • Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
Chapter Director Aid
  • Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
A Quick Stock Comparison Guide within Prospector
  • Screen then compare visually
Modifying Previously Defined Criteria
  • do your own thing in Prospector
Red Cursor
  • A superior pointing device for instruction
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Desired Growth Calculator
  • This is an executable file – DG.exe
  • read instructions
Average Dividend Yield
  • how Toolkit determines this
Debt to Equity
  • Wisdom from Ellis Traub
  • BI discussion digest 090911
Read about Desired Growth Calculator
  • Expected sales growth as a function of annual sales
  • Club Accounting
  • Where to post an ex-dividend date
STOCKcentral Data Toolkit
  • your one stop data source for stock analysis
Doorway to Clubs that Welcome Visitors
  • see what an Investment club is all about
Dual Screen Presentation
  • the professional way
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Online Registration
  • with Eventbrite and PayPal
  • Near & Far
  • Online & Live
Expense Concepts
  • Club Accounting
  • Taxable and non-taxable items
External Links
  • Sister chapters
  • other experienced authorities
  • outside resources
Earnings Stability
  • R Squared
Sending SSGs by email
  • helpful for club members
EPS Trends
  • Use these analysts estimates with a grain of salt but at least use them.
How to Email a Toolkit PERT Report
  • Help for the Investment Club members
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on Folio Investing
  • Folio Investing Offers BetterInvesting Clubs Commission-Free Trading
  • email from Ellis Traub
  • To BetterInvesting's Investing Discussion List digest [] dated 29 September 2009
File Naming Convention
  • Suggestions & Comments
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Toolkit Graphs
  • look for the magenta colored boxes
  • from Fidelity Investments
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Toolkit Help Function
  • use this along with the online Toolkit Manual
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Investment Clubs
  • Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
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Forecasting Low Price
  • a significant judgment item
Forecasting PEs
  • a significant judgment item
Judgment Feature
  • now the Audit feature in Toolkit 6
Comparing Your Sales Growth Estimate with Value Line
  • Using available data
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Management of Toolkit Libraries
  • valuable but not for the beginner
Links (see External Links)
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So you want to learn Prospector
  • help is at hand; listen to Brian
  • if all else fails, read the manual
Movie Links
  • Short training "movies"
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Toolkit "Notes" Function
  • expanded capability in Toolkit 6
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A Quick Stock Comparison Guide within Prospector
  • Screen then compare visually
Price Variant Quotient (PVQ)
  • An alternative method for calculating the Low Selected Price by Gayle Olson
Analyzing Historical PEs
  • a significant judgment item
Faster Loading PDF Files
  • removing seldom used items speeds use
The a-b-c's of Parlimentary Procedure
  • Source: National Association of Parlimentarians &
Modifying Previously Defined Criteria
  • do your own thing
PEG Ratio
  • The PE to Growth Ratio
PERT-A Graph
  • after your SSG, always check this item
PERT-A Graph
  • Opinion: Ellis Traub
Paid In Plus Earnings
  • Club Accounting
  • (PIPE)
Payments and Fees
  • Club Accounting
  • When to use each and which will buy units
Portfolio Management Guide
  • Now known as the Stock Management Guide
Portfolio Summary Report
  • Use with CAUTION!
Potential Buy Price
  • Now an included Audit item in Toolkit 6
Preferred Procedure
  • Estimate future Earnings based on Sales history
To open a company selected in Prospector with Toolkit
  • A link from screening to analysis
Prospector User Defined Functions
  • define your own for better Reports
So you want to learn Prospector
  • help is at hand; listen to Brian; if all else fails, read the manual
Small-Caps or Small-Sized Companies
  • Screen for high growth prospects
  • Opinions/Comments
  • External Links
  • Acknowledgments
Price Volatility
  • A new measure using data and tools available.
  • Defined by the price swing from High to Low
  • Any time period may be used.
Price Volatility = 1 - Low / High (expressed as a percentage)
Online Registration
  • with Eventbrite and PayPal
Stock to Study
  • Presenter Guidelines
Maintain a Visible Cursor
  • throughout your Power Point presentation
Power Point 00
  • How to make a picture background transparent
Power Point 01
  • How to make a self running show
Power Point 02
  • Tips & suggestions for a presentation
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Return on Equity
  • Treatment by Ellis Traub for AAII Journal, July 2001
Compound & Average Annual Return
  • where the numbers come from & how to calculate
Projected Average Return
  • the conservative expectation
Relative Value
  • a ratio
Total Return
  • {Toolkit Version 4’s Unique Situation}
Upside/Downside Ratio
  • Price Range & Risk/Reward Ratio
Relative Price
  • Where to present price lies between the period high and low
  • Any time period may be used.
Relative Price = (Present Price - Period Low Price) / (Period High Price - Period Low Price) (expressed as a percentage)
R Squared (R2, R^2, or R2)
  • Goodness of Fit; what and why; forget how
Red Cursor
  • A superior pointing device for instruction
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EPS Stability [R2]
  • how consistent is the company
Searching within a PDF file
  • valuable for softcopy manuals
Selling Checklist
  • check lists for investment clubs
Selling Considerations
  • check lists for investment clubs
Small-Caps or Small-Sized Companies
  • Screen for high growth prospects
Stock Comparison Guide
  • Compare up to 5 companies in the same industry
Stock Study Flow Chart
  • a suggested procedure
Sustainable Growth Rate
  • where the numbers come from
Salesman Tricks
  • watch out how data is presented
Screening for Quality with Value Line
  • do this for free in your public library.
Syllabus, Training
  • Listing of Sessions Offered
Stock Prospector
  • Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
Stock Study with Toolkit
  • Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
Introduction to the SSG
  • by Gene Rooks (PPT with Notes Pages)
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ASCII Report
  • text only report from Toolkit
Rates of Change
  • Toolkit's Historical Growth Rate Change Graph
Things You Should Know
  • Club Accounting terminology, frequently misunderstood items
Preferences > Thresholds
  • Global and Individual
Toolkit 00
  • Align Price Bars with Earning
Toolkit 01
  • Cursor pointing during instruction
Toolkit Expansion Toolbars
  • for those with small monitors
Toolkit’s Funny Numbers
  • (the typed in ones)
Track & Compound Annual Growth
  • all from in a single Excel workbook, update anytime
  • Club Accounting
  • “A piece of cake” thanks to the software
Treasurer’s Duties
  • Brief overview of accounting duties
Training Syllabus
  • Listing of Sessions Offered
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Undocumented Features in Investors Toolkit 4 & 5 plus Toolkit 6
  • aka Rogue Keys
Undocumented Features
  • by Jim Thomas
Prospector User Defined Functions
  • define your own for better Reports
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Starting Points for Projections
  • Last Annual Data, Last Quarterly Data, End of Trend Line
Valuations and Unit Values
  • Club Accounting
  • Valuations and Unit Values – very important concepts
Visual Analysis Chart
  • basic info for the beginner
Visit a Club
  • see what an Investment club is all about
  • Voice over Internet Protocol
Volatility {see Price Volatility}
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  • Club Accounting
  • Procedure from start to finish
Movie Camera icon
Behind the Scenes at a Webinar
  • This session discusses the Behind the Scenes experience of putting on a GotoWebinar.
  • This presentation assumes you have already learned to schedule and customize a seminar. We also assume you have attended a webinar.
  • Our experience has been putting on larger Webinars (several hundred attendees) which requires a larger behind-the-scenes staff. For a smaller webinar you can combine tasks and get by with far fewer people. Nevertheless, we have broken the description of job roles down so you can better understand them.
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Zoom Feature of Toolkit
  • helpful for small monitors
  • 33%, 33%, 33% or 25%, 50%, 25%
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