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The BetterInvesting Space Coast Chapter is made up of local volunteers who have been using BetterInvesting techniques and tools for many years. The primary goal of the Chapter is to share this knowledge with BetterInvesting club and individual members in Central Florida. Members of the Chapter can provide guidance with the formation of new clubs, visit established clubs to help with training and trouble-shooting, conduct regional Educational Fairs and local training sessions. Events are held in convenient locations in Central Florida and online using Citrix's GoToWebinar.

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Breaking News Space Coast Chapter now hosting BIwiki

The BIwiki site is intended to be a publicly accessible repository for information and "lore" related to the style of investing embodied in the philosophy of BetterInvesting. The content at this site is produced by registered users who choose to create and contribute material, as explained below.

The creator of this site, Jim Thomas, recently announced that he was going to close this web site. The Space Coast Chapter decided to pick up management of this web site so that all BI members could continue to benefit from this service.

Give us a few days to get organized with this. Lots of information that complements both the stuff in our Resources section and at

Space Coast Model Investment Club

An open Invitation to all BI Space Coast members

The first Monday of each month at 7:30 PM
Web-based online meeting that you may attend from the comfortof your own home..


This GoToWebinar announcement provides you an invitation to join the Space Coast Chapter's Model Investment Club (SCMIC) as they start their first meeting for this year's cycle.

The draft agenda for the upcoming meeting with links to all the meeting prep materials may be found here. This Model Investment Club is one of many new initiatives that will be offered to all Chapter members over then next few months.

This is a real investment club meeting with members from our Chapter. We have openings for several more members. You may find information on the SCMIC here. But attendance is not limited to members only since it's intended to be one of several online training tools your Chapter will be offering to all members this year. If you're in a club, please pass the word on this meeting to your fellow club members -- remember, "good friends don't let their friends retire broke" -- help them out.

This event is open to all BetterInvesting Space Coast Chapter members. Register Now!

Description of Links

Events: Near & Far, Online & Live
This is a listing of BetterInvesting Space Coast Chapter, Sister Chapters, and National Events of interest to the long-term investor. Some are live but many more today are online happenings that you may choose to watch from the comfort of your own home seated at your computer. Note that many are free with some available for a small fee to cover chapter operations. The volunteer directors from your chapter derive no financial help from the national BetterInvesting organization.
Chapter Directors
The local volunteers who make up the BetterInvesting Space Coast Chapter are dedicated to the education of the long-term investor. Should you need help, have a suggestion, or you yourself would like to join this hard working team, just contact any of the folks listed below. They will either help you or make your need known to someone who will be able to help.
Opinions/Comments, External Links, and Acknowledgments
Tips, Tricks, & Techniques for Toolkit and Stock Study
For Stock Studies the BetterInvesting way using Toolkit 6, the world’s most popular software for fundamental stock analysis this is your link to helpful Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (TT&T) to aide your learning and studies. Stock Comparison, Challenge as well as General Toolkit and Computer Items are shown.
Tips, Tricks, & Techniques for Club Accounting {Online & Desktop}
TT&T to aid Investment Clubs in keeping the books and running a successful investment club. ICLUBcentral software to allow clubs to easily generate the required Federal and State forms for their investment club is addressed.
Tips, Tricks, & Techniques for Stock Prospector
Software for screening stock data, helps investors identify companies with specific characteristics. Search by Industry, Company Size (Sales/Revenue or Capital), Growth Rates, your choice. Resulting stocks may be opened directly by Toolkit.
Tips, Tricks, & Techniques for Chapter Presenters & Instructors
These are Tips, Tricks, and Techniques hopefully useful to those engaged in the creation of Power Point and other instructional presentations. While most of the below links take you to a PDF file of the Power Point, chapter directors may request the full power point presentation.
Doorway to Clubs that Welcome Visitors
Investment Clubs that Welcome Guests solely for the purpose of showing how investment clubs operate. This page is a list of clubs that interested folks may contact and visit if there is mutual agreement. The simple steps to list your Investment Club on the list is shown.
Movie Links
Movie Camera icon  This page is devoted to the listing of links to short training "movies" located among the chapter's Screencast collection.
View these in the same manner you use to view TV programs saved on your recorder. Take advantage of the Pause / Rewind / Fast Forward capabilities to derive the most from the educational experience.
Many of the items offered in this manner are available for direct viewing or you have the option to download them from the web to your own computer.
Training Syllabus
Complete listing of all chapter training sessions available to members and/or Investment Clubs on demand. Contact any director to arrange for a class live or online.
Index of this website
Comprehensive alphabetic list of site items.

It is all about finding Quality Stocks at the Right Price!


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